Mandala Subtitle
  • Born during the Carter administration to parents born during the Truman administration.
  • Got in a fistfight with a neighbor kid in defense of the honor of Walter Mondale.
  • Won an art contest among all 4th graders in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Usually got good grades in English, history, and art. Math and science, not so much.
  • Moved to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. In high school, used to sneak out of study hall to use the potter’s wheel.
  • Got first car, an 81 Civic, from neighbors who would otherwise have sent it to the junkyard.
  • Finished high school and went to college. Decided that a degree in ceramics was a good idea.
  • Once used a squeaky toy to annoy State Representative Lynn Herman at a polling station.
  • Began teaching ceramics.
  • Decided that a master’s degree in ceramics was a good idea.
  • Applied to grad school, failed, tried again, got in, finished, went back to work.
  • Continued teaching ceramics, now more often and for more organizations.
  • Continues making more work; rarely takes a vacation.
  • It is conceivable that I have literally made more than a ton of work.